My name is Dimitry Frederique, CEO and founder of Poetic Imagery in Motion, a subsidiary of Frederique Media Productions and Frederique Capital. I have been writing poetry since I was in high school. This work represents my first volume of published poems. While in English class, I fell in love with poetry and was inspired by the likes of The Scarlet Letter, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and Romeo & Juliet. This was the first time that I was introduced to the concept of romance, honor, and chivalry. They would become the driving force behind my writings. My style of writing is based on the following genres: love/romance, spiritual, and spoken words. I tend not to write anything else outside of those three genres.

The spiritual insight to writing poetry comes from my strong Christian beliefs. I am truly a man of God and my poems bring out that side of me on paper. My unique viewpoint illustrates my compassion for humanity and nature as God would poetically say it.

My spoken word style of writing comes from my philosophical side. I a man of great vision, an activist, and a man for others. As a Haitian American I have combined my roots with African American culture to address social and economic issues that face this nation. And I express those thoughts through poetry.

My vision is to turn poetry from just a feel good read or a love story to a real business model that impact you the same way you cannot live without your music on your iPod. I want to change the industry to an art that is highly respected and admired. And I hope with my innovation and an appetite for business will make that one day come true.


As I reflect back on the years of planning, it is clear that dreams do come true if you keep working at it. 2013 will be the most successful year for my company because it has been a long journey to get here. So when you know that you have arrived and where “here” is, you know that success is inevitable.


To Your Success,


Poetic Imagery in Motion

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