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collection of love poems that you can blog about.

Your Eyes Told Me

EXCERPT : “I knew that I had found my better half cause Your Eyes Told Me  From the first touch of your lips to the first time we made love cause Your Eyes Told Me”

There is No One Else like You

EXCERPT :   “When I open my eyes and think of you All I have to do is look at the mirror and I see your reflection in me And these are the words that define my love.” Access Video

When We First Made Love

EXCERPT :  “When we first made love, I knew you were a blessing From the Heavens above,”

Lost Love

EXCERPT :  “We may not work to those who love not But I cannot help to think of the possibilities Had we conquered our fears and fought the odds. What tales could have been said about thee?”

Love Potion # 8

EXCERPT :   “You say your man has left you, well child I have in my kitchen the love potion that will win him back for good. Have a seat and take down some notes!“

Lady in the Shadow

EXCERPT : “I have touched your body and kissed your very lips. I have seen myself penetrating your very soul. I have suckled on your very breast And have been aroused by your voluptuous thighs, Wrapped around my legs, as

Have You Ever…

EXCERPT :    “Loved a man so much that his touch alone can make you come Come from the slightest touch of his hands in your arms The touch of his hands stroking your hair The touch of his body,

The Heavens Above

EXCERPT :   “Love, I leave you with this in mind: If you ever miss me while we are apart, Just look at the stars above and You will know that I will be looking at you From The Heavens

Seeking Soulmate

EXCERPT : “Desperate I must look, You say, To be searching for you Through the personals. What a fool I must be With all this in mind.”

Ode to an Apple

EXCERPT : “An ellipse not perfect but round. Reminds one of the fruits of temptation So divine and sweet Plump yet not ripe.”