Author: DPoet

The Eagle

EXCERPT :  “For his good deeds, hard work, & dedication He is spoken highly of by those who know him Therefore A place shall be set for him Next to the Lord”

Who Am I

EXCERPT : “Who am I When I was just an egg in my mother’s womb? Who am I When I was born into slavery? Am I just 3/4 of a person? Who am I Seconds before I was born? Who

– My Eulogy – Please Read in My Absence

EXCERPT :  “Upon my untimely death, I had hope my tombstone would read Like a resume of accomplishments.”

Unborn Love

EXCERPT : “Words cannot express the loss of a loved one, yet alone the loss of your unborn child. How do you begin to express those feelings of anger, pain, and emptiness? A pamphlet is handed to me titled, “Fathers

Am I the One?

EXCERPT : “Lord, what is your purpose for my life? I have been roaming the land empty hearted for so long. I have come to accept the truth, I am lost? I have come to a fork in the road

The Last Sunset: An Ode to Lion Heart

EXCERPT : “The day has come when the Lion must rest. He has seen many sun rises which symbolize The beginning of day and the start of life. The Lion has also seen many sunsets which symbolize The end of

This Christmas 2007

EXCERPT : “I will breathe life onto your words. I will preach your Gospel on to death ears so that they may hawk your message. I will lead them Lord to your Promise Land. For I have seen my destiny

Season’s Greetings

EXCERPT : “Remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season Which gives us a purpose to rejoice and shout out his holy name. So give freely of your heart, knowing that a new year is soon upon us. What

The Four Seasons

EXCERPT :  Fall “Is the renewing of life. For a cleansing of what was once old is new again.”

Thank You Lord

EXCERPT :  “We have been a selfish race of humans For the hatred we have spread with your name. For the bombs we have dropped, The wars we have lived through, The blood we have shed, With the hands that