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If You Died

Dear Mama, I have dreaded the thought of the day you would die since 1997 when I first wrote the title of this poem, “If you died.” I could not fathom the thought of knowing what would happen to me

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Brother Man

EXCERPT : “I’ve been on your grille Everyday checking you out All bright and early you rise To go make that chedda from the man.”

A Warrior Within Sixty-Three Rounds Part II

EXCERPT : “For I am the strongest thing living today. Although I bear my Scarlet Letter “S” proudly, You couldn’t tell that I have been through a war, Yet alone even seen one from the looks of me.”

The Silent Fight Within Part I

EXCERPT : “I was told many lies, although some were true, but many were left at the doorsteps of adolescence. A hospital bed shall forever be my home. Never shall I see my teenage years is what I was told.

The Past & The Present

EXCERPT : “Oh how times has changed When I can call you my brothers & sisters & trust you at the same time. When I can speak well of my people.”

Ode to Shakespeare 1564 – 1616

EXCERPT : “I am ashamed to ask, Am I the rightful heir to thee greatest playwright that has ever lived? Do I dare to compare thee in the same likeness Or am I simply an imposter  Reincarnated in your image?


EXCERPT : “I never knew what it is like to have a father. I never knew what it is like to have a dad. I never felt the warmth of my father’s hug. I never heard the words, “I love

You Bring Me Joy

EXCERPT :  “Who knew that Every smile, Every laughter, Every twinkle on your face, Would bring me so much Joy.”


EXCERPT : “Hey friend, what does it mean to be a friend?             I don’t know. It means a lot of things for different people. What does it mean to             You when I call you a friend?”